With all the media cameras focused on the opposite side of the street trying to get the perfect shot of Optus tagline, the Optus CEO Kelly Rosmarin has been spotted quietly sneaking into a Telstra store.

The leader in charge of a ‘A world class network’, Rosmarin popped into the rival telco to try and do some damage control for future bungles.

Not wanting a repeat of this week’s disaster, where she and her business went quiet during a national outage, Rosmarin has reportedly come to to the realization that her first 6 hours of the blackout were wasted trying to connect with other Optus staff and engineers.

The matter was made worse with the entire company being on the staff discount plan, except one Gerringong based technician John Butcher.

John, who gave up the discount plan for better connectivity in regions, spotted the problem at 5 AM but couldn’t reach out to his colleagues till late in the afternoon.

So, as a result of this breakdown in communications, Rosmarin has decided to get herself a burner phone, which will come in handy for future national outages.

While waiting for her Telstra account to activate this afternoon, the Optus boss took a light stroll in the Royal Botanical Gardens, contemplating how long she should continue giving magic beans out to her company’s customers.


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