A local woman has finally learnt that she probably won’t be getting any telephone reception today.

After arriving in at her work that has internet not provided by Optus, Lily Huxton has learnt that her telephone provider was completely down.

“Oh, it’s properly fucked today is it,” shrugged the local woman who has been meaning to change telephone providers for the last couple of years.

“I just assumed I was going through black spots on the way to work,” she laughed in regards to the nearly half a million Optus reception black spots that blanket Australia.

Famous for being the only telephone provider that offers less national coverage than OneTel, Optus is currently grappling with a collapsed network.

Struck by something undisclosed at around 4am this morning, Optus has refused to explain why the network is down for everyone from local people like Lily to cafes to hospitals to Victorian trains.

The massive fuck up has also left some people simply fuming, while others have had their livelihoods cut off until the service comes back online.

Optus has simply informed the nation that they will let us know what the go is as soon as they know, which is obviously incredibly helpful.

“Oh well, I’m used to incredibly shit reception anyway, so what’s another day of not being able to use my phone outside my office and my home Wifi,” continued the man who got a different internet provider because she lives in an Optus black spot.

More to come.


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