The cricketing nation of Australia has today put in a polite request to the Biggest Show on the planet.

Formally writing to middle order Australian batsman, Glenn ‘The Big Show’ Maxwell, the people of our vast country have asked if he can fall off a golf buggy before every single World Cup game.

This follows Maxwell’s astonishing 201 runs off 128 deliveries, in a crunch match against Afghanistan.

Not only did he score an extremely rare double ton, but he did it after Australia had collapsed to 7/91, with more than 200 runs still needed.

With captain Pat Cummins playing a stunning 12 of 68 deliveries down the other end, Maxwell clubbed the ball to every single part of the ground despite back spasms, cramps and the threat of being stretchered off the field.

Cummins took to the microphone after the game to claim it was the greatest ODI innings of all time, with notable cricket ball hitter Sachin Tendulkar stating that it was the greatest ODI knock he’d seen in his life.

The miracle knock on one leg and a back cramping like a mid-30s professional trying to move house in a day also comes off the back of a notable extra-curricular incident.

Last week it was revealed that Maxwell was in doubt for the tournament after crashing a golf buggy.

However, similar to the Alex Carey pool incident, the off field bungle has somehow lead to a serious uptick in form.

As a result of that rolled golf cart, cricket fans are now demanding that Maxxy roll at least one before every single match.

More to come.


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