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Employees were shocked today after the man running their motivational workshop developed an erection while tearing the plastic off a brand-new packet of highlighters.

It’s believed the group gave the leader the benefit of the doubt and assumed it was his jeans, however after his erection grew while opening a fresh flip chart they began to worry.

“Holy shit!” said Simon to another employee attending the workshop.

“Check it out! That bloke has a stiffy!”

The observation spread around the room like wildfire, with nearly all of the workshop attendees now aware of the leader’s erection.

Unable to deal with the awkwardness, one kind woman carefully approached the man to inform him of the tent being pitched in his pants.

“Hi, ah, you’ve got a situation down there,” she said quietly.

According to witnesses the man then turned bright red and moved behind the lectern, re-emerging with a jumper tied loosely around his waist.

The Advocate reached out to the workshop leader for comment, but we are yet to hear back.

According to his receptionist, he has taken the rest of the day off.

More to come.   


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