Deciding to one-up their efforts form last year the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs are set to go even bigger for Mad Monday this year.

In a move that’s set to enrage bosses at NRL HQ, the Bulldogs have confirmed that they’ll be having their Mad Monday inside a glass box planted on the steps of the Opera House.

This follows their very public end of season celebration at a venue in a very public location roughly 12 months ago.

Despite not a single person getting hurt or doing anything particularly untoward during what looked like a bit of fun between a group of consenting adult males, that shindig landed the club with a $500,000 fine.

That fine hasn’t deterred this years group of players going back for another bite at the cherry.

“The age-old adage is 4 walls, a roof and no windows, but we aren’t about that here at the Dogs,” said a spokesperson for the club.

“We’ll have club minders down there to make sure the boys don’t do anything to silly, and all the players have promised not to do a run it straight challenge with one of the glass walls,”

“So we’d urge the public to come on down and enjoy the show.”

“You’d be taking the wind out of the Daily Telegraph’s sails by doing so anyway.”

The club spokesperson then explained that they hadn’t got to caught up on the finals hype and had pencilled in the event for Monday week.

“We need like 8 results to go our way over the next two rounds to sneak into the 8, we’ll be going ahead as planned I think.”


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