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A recent trip to a South Betoota retirement village has led Keith Walker to believe his grandparents have just discovered Aldi.

At first, he thought his Gran had just gone mad and bought too many cans of baked beans, however after clocking a shiny new blender on the bench he knew it was Aldi.

“Usually their biccie offering is grim, couple of arrowroots and a scotch finger,” he said.

“But this time there were about three different chocolate biscuits, liquorice, I think she even offered me some salami”

“Seeing the blender was a bit of a relief actually, as I could understand how it had all happened,” Keith told our reporter. 

Up until recently, Keith’s Grandparents had thought Aldi was a German conspiracy, a way for them to infiltrate our culture and bring it down from the inside out.

But after hearing a few of the other residents sing Aldi’s praise they thought they’d give it a go.

According to Keith though, his Grandparents have to hide their love for Aldi from their immediate neighbour for fear of not being selected for Thursday bowling team.

“Old Murray next door hasn’t got over it, he won’t even eat chicken schnitzel.”

Despite their neighbour’s feelings towards Aldi, the Walker’s have no plans to stop shopping at the German supermarket – a position that Keith supports as he’s now less worried about them spending all his inheritance.

More to come.


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