In a historic first, the Manly Corso has just recorded its first-ever fight free weekend.

This comes after the Northern Beaches were locked down over the weekend as a result of the Covid cluster – which has risen to 68 and has seeped out to various locations in a number of suburbs around the city.

The Corso is the strip that runs from the Wharf down to Manly Beach and is popular with locals who have a long-running dislike for going to the CBD when they can just get into a punch out the front of the Steyne.

“Not a single blue apparently,” said the Mayor of The Northern Beaches Council Cliff Menzies.

“I know, genuinely shocking”

His comments come after the residents of the Insular Peninsula followed the directions of the authorities and left the Corso looking like Kings Cross.

“I was incredibly impressed that people were able to follow the rules and stay home, but the fact that we didn’t have one bloke mouth off to another and inevitably cause some hands to be thrown out the front of the Steyne is even more incredible.”

“Hopefully though, we will have a return to scrapping by next weekend if we can get this thing under control.”


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