The soap opera of Australian celebrity has this week served up another gem, with former Australian Cricket Captain Michael Clarke getting media tongues wagging.

Sitting down for what A Current Affair billed as an ‘explosive tell all’ (in true A Current Affair Fashion), the interview turned out to a frustrating back and forth between the journalist and the former cricketer turned media personality.

The former Current Affairs program was obviously hell bent on getting some of the juicy goss about Michael’s personal life – particularly in relation to the Noosa park altercation which involved fellow celebs Karl Stefanovic and the Yarbrough sisters.

That incident captivated the national interest for a period of time – given the severe celebrity deficit our remote nation faces.

Clarke remained tight lipped about the situation for long enough to let it die down in the media, with A Current Affair clearly hoping enough time had passed to get a bombshell out of the man.

However, to the shock of viewers who wasted their time sitting down to watch the program, Clarke just wanted to talk about the new line of Lemon, Lime and Bitters he was promoting.

While Bitters are a fascinating subject, it’s unknown if Pup genuinely thought a national circulated nightly program that prides itself on sensationalised reporting and lowest common denominator shit would want to talk about one of the many brand sponsorship deals he has.

“Probably not worth spending 10 minutes discussing how some brand you signed with compares to Angostura,” explained one frustrated viewer to The Advocate.

“Then again, maybe the frustration was all part of the PR.”

“Who knows anymore.”

More to come.


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