Local girl, Nina Castelli (19) has found the unfolding events in the middle east extremely difficult to focus on without non-stop gen Z friendly stimulation.

Even though the Middle East updates arrived relatively swiftly, for the Gen Z cohort, time appeared to move at a slow pace. Known for their tiny attention spans and need for constant stimulation, many from this demographic found it increasingly difficult to focus on the television screen without a half of the broadcast being dedicated to subway surfer gameplay and ASMR videos.

“Yeah, once I grasped that television was essentially just people talking, with no additional visual stimuli, I knew it was going to be a very long night,” Nina sighed.

“They could have at least reserved a portion of the screen for something engaging, like videos of bottles smashing for those of us who struggle with under stimulation.” Nina suggested.

The older generation of Australians observing their Gen Z counterparts grappling with the situation in Israel and Gaza during the broadcast appeared perplexed by the widespread struggle.

“My son had the remote control, and I noticed he kept absentmindedly swiping up on it. He didn’t even realize he was doing it,” recounted Debra Cheshire (59).

In light of this newfound generational challenge, Australian TV executives have vowed to make things more accommodating for the younger demographic in the future.

“We’ve heard the concerns voiced by numerous young Australians who found the Middle East news coverage to be underwhelming. Next time we have a national television event, we intend to take a different approach.” assured David Scolley (50), a television executive aiming to keep Australia’s youth engaged.

“Our plan is to fragment all coverage into bite-sized 60-second segments, and to couple all footage with clips of Subway Surfer gameplay or individuals smashing bottles.” Scolley revealed.

 “While it might be a difficult task to slice up 60-second clips of real time live news, we are confident we can create news that gen Z can enjoy too.”


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