A Betoota Heights local has drawn a few giggles today, after making a rather interesting claim.

Following a pretty relentless start to the morning on his construction site on the edge of town, Albert De Angelis has told the people he works with that he never really liked that ‘stupid fucking soccer shit’ anyway.

This blatant lie was offered up a short time ago, after a few of his worksite colleagues got rolling about Italy bombing out of World Cup Qualifying.

The Azzurri are set to miss their second straight World Cup, after taking an L against European footballing titans, North Macedonia.

The 1-0 loss to the nation of 2 million people came off the back of an Aleksandar Trajkovski shot from outside the box, in what was their only real decent chance in the game.

That was enough to send the Italian Diving Squad out of contention to play in this year’s World Cup, a result which Albert De Angelis says actually isn’t even that big a deal.

“Fucking whatever mate,” said the man who claims his Nonno used to be connected to the mountain mafia in Calabria.

“It’s a bullshit fucking sport anyway,” he said to the notable giggling of the people around him.

“I’m more of a rugby man myself. How good was that last gasp try against the sheep shaggers,” said De Angelis, blatantly lying about watching the Italian rugby team get their first win in the European comp for 7 years.

“So just shut the fuck up about it alright.”

“I don’t care at all,” finished the man who spoke about nothing else other than Italy being the spiritual home of football after last year’s European Football Championship.

More to come.


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