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A local nurse has today forgotten that there are some things best left to the hospital, after making some strange comments about a bloke’s body part.

Like most women, Emma Templeman found veiny arms on a man strangely alluring, but only if it was confined to the forearms and hands. Which apparently is a biological response to a mate’s supposed fitness levels, but only on men, if the rude comments about Angelina Jolie or Madonna’s arms are anything to go by.

As a nurse, bulging veins has an even more powerful effect, as not only are they pleasing to her female eye, but also a fair indication that draining them of blood will be far easier. An almost psychotic line of thought that only medical professionals can get away with.

Seeing as she’s used to loudly discussing everything from vomit, shit and haemorrhoids with her fellow nurses, who often regale with each other their grossest stories of the week, Emma sometimes forgets that most people don’t really with horror on a regular basis. Or get excited about the same things she does.

It’s alleged Emma had been chatting to a bloke at a house party on the weekend, when his rolled up sleeves revealed a forearm so veiny, it looked like a small forest.

“Oh my goodness, YOUR VEINS’, says Emma, not even flirting as she automatically made a reach for his arms, “these are the best veins I’ve ever seen.”

“I’d have such an easy time with you.”

It’s alleged the bloke had been initially freaked out by the interaction, but let it go seeing as she was attractive.

More to come.


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