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Local bloke Brendan Buchaneon considers his body a work of art. In fact, he thinks everything about himself is a work of art.

Blessed with good looks and chiselled abs from his morning callisthenics, the floppy haired Bondi native is dedicated to his aesthetics. A commitment that sees him carefully counting his macros and tracking every food ingredient he puts into his body…though strangely, this all seems to come undone on the weekend.

Living just metres from the beach, Brendan has well and truly subscribed to Bondi’s hedonistic lifestyle, often spending his days off flitting between party apartments and visiting the odd bar so he can pick up. These wholesome activities tend to involve either consuming or snorting substances that are probably a little worse than palm oil, but in Brendan’s logic, his healthy lifestyle completely offsets it.

So far, Brendan’s exploits have included numerous ketamine fuelled house parties, which is a strange choice considering everyone falls unconscious before 11pm, or consuming mystery caps he finds on the floor of Hotel Ravesis. The latter being a decision he probably wouldn’t have made sober, that paid off nonetheless.

But now that he’s back to a weekday, Brendan can continue his health charade by painstakingly reading the back of every cereal box for those god awful GMO’s and selecting only the best organic, activated orange juice for his shocking comedown.

More to come.


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