A increasingly large sack of shit has today confirmed to The Advocate that he’s got everything under control.

39-year-old husband and father Brett Billson laughed this morning when asked by The Advocate about the logistics of his family Christmas.

The moderately popular architect from our town’s Betoota Heights region explained that he hasn’t really even given it much thought as of yet.

“Mate, we’re only half way through December,” laughed the noted gift card giver.

“Iv’e got at-least a week or so before I need to even bother thinking about what I’m going to sort the wife and kids for Christmas.”

“I mean, if we are real, I probably don’t need to worry too much about what to get the kids because the misso will likely already have that sorted.”

“If not, I’ll just get em a nerf gun or whatever.”

When asked about what he planned to get for his life partner, Billson let out a somewhat bemused shrug.

“Not sure, that’s next weeks problem.”

“I got her one of those spa soaky things last year, so might be back to jewelry this year.”

“Or maybe I’ll just get a gift voucher for a restaurant I wanna eat at.”

“Anyway, no point getting bogged down in any of that stuff, we’ve got ages until Chrissy.”

More to come.


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