Local street wear store Cat Daddy Collective, has announced it’s really banking on a 2010’s resurgence for them to be financially viable moving forward.

“Think about it – we’ve already seen the Y2K resurgence with low-rise jeans and bedazzled everything. Now it’s time for the millennials to reclaim their fashion legacy,”says Danilo Garcia (35) the store’s owner.

“I’m really just hoping “Swag” becomes a big priority for people again like it was in 2011, to be honest I don’t know how much longer we can survive relying on kids from regional Australia.”

Danilo says he’s hoping that the Y2K obsession will give way to a yearning for the more recent past, characterized by oversized jerseys, snapbacks, kids backpacks, fake “nerd glasses”, the website Tumblr, and just Swag in general.

“You can’t deny that this era was truly one of the best, and I have no doubt that this style will make a solid comeback in the next few years – and who’ll be there as the only store to facilitate that? us.”

The store’s shelves are lined with an array of snapbacks in every conceivable color, reminiscent of an era when the perfect snapback was the ultimate status symbol. While most inner city Australians are over a decade past this trend, Danilo insists that in some small pockets of Australian society, the obsession is still there.

“Yeah you’d be surprised, since 2013 when the Swag era formally came to an end we’ve still had a steady flow of customers. Our big 3 groups would have to be Kiwi’s, Regional Aussies and of course, Filipino people.”

While everything hangs in the balance for Danilo and Cat Daddy Collective, no one can bet on if the 2010s Swag era resurgence is a pipe dream of something that could actually happen.


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