A pair of free tickets to the NBL are likely to be wasted tonight as a Sydney man struggles to offload them to any of his mates.

Blessed with the fact that his wife works in media sponsorships, Alex Adams (32) gets unlimited access to freebie tickets for events across Sydney.

Whether it’s the AFL, A-league, or the latest early 90’s hip-hop throwback festival that’s happening at Qudos Bank Arena, Alex enjoys a smorgasbord of entertainment and is usually happy to turn up to pretty much anything.

But today The Advocate can reveal a pair of diamond seats at a Sydney Kings game will stay empty, as none of his mates are willing to venture out to the worst entertainment precinct on the planet, Sydney Olympic Park.

“I’ve got free tix to the Kings today, gold class seats, does anyone want them?” Alex shot into a group chat of 10 mates.

“Yeah, when and where?” piped up touch footy mate Chris, a big events guy who’d gladly turn up to the opening of an envelope if given the chance.

“It’s out at Olympic, starts at 2:00?” answered Alex.

“Nah I’m good,” replied Chris almost instantly.

Given the free tickets would come with a complimentary three-hour public transport commute to the concrete hell hole of a venue, which sells mid-strength beers in a plastic cup for $14, it’s no surprise none of his friends took to the freebies like a horse to water.

“Anyone??” Alex bumped into the chat an hour later, “They’re free and you’ll get a drinks package too?”

Then following two more hours of radio silence, Alex just accepted that the tickets would go begging and no amount of bribe money to his friends could convince them to take a train out to battle migraine stadium.

Not much more to come.


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