Proving that they are just like us, the federal government is giving the vaping ban another go, and they really mean it this time.

For uncool people, vapes or e-cigarettes are a hookah the size of a pen that produce a nicotine rich vapour that when inhaled sends a tingling tremble down your body that helps everything just fuck off for a moment.

Now two governments into the war on vapes, new legislation going through parliament will mean steep fines and even prison sentences for vape importers.

This latest bill is at least the fourth legislation that has tried to end vaping in Australia.

Aside from potentially making criminals rich, this latest vape ban is surely going to end vaping this time, or at least make them more expensive, meaning it might have just been bloody easier if they just taxed them like they do with tobacco.

“TikToks of cotton buds turning to a soiled sea sponge didn’t turn me off vaping so I doubt this next law will,” stated the last vaping zoomer that we haven’t interviewed for our vaping stories.

“I read this really good book called Puff Piece, well I read the back cover, it’s by that guy who got crucified and pretending to be a female escort in Thailand, he reckons it’s all a massive conspiracy!” 

“They wanted to get us all hooked on nicotine then back on to tobacco. Who the fuck smokes tobacco anymore? I might as well ride a pennyfarthing and do a saxophone in rock songs.”


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