A Betoota Lakes man will be surviving on baked beans on toast this week after a visit to the big smoke came with an unfortunate life tax.

Hailing from the lakes district of our fine city, pool fencing installer Duncan Hodges (33) has certainly chowed through more than a few plates of mongolian beef in his time, a favourite dish he often loads his plate up with at the Lakes RSL buffet.

But after a trip to Brisbane over the weekend, The Advocate can report Big Dunc’s debit card has taken a hit when he took his Mum and Dad out for a Sunday brunch at Yum Cha.

Well versed in the concept of Sizzler dining experiences, or the pick-three-with-rice special he likes to tuck into at Betoota Stocklands food court, Duncan says he was under the impression that all the little trolleys that came to his table were covered under a standard fee.

“Those damn trolleys, they just kept coming mate,” Dunc told The Advocate as he installed some new fencing on an inground fibreglass pool in the Heights.

“Those sweet old ladies would dump plates on the tables before I had a chance to ask them to translate what they were offering!”

Asked how much the entire dining experience cost him, Duncan’s lunch with his parents is believed to have tipped the $400 mark.

“Considering I was hungover from the night before, I alone smashed about $150 worth of those bamboo baskets. I just couldn’t hold back once they started bringing out those porky ones with a prawn sticking out the top.”

“Dad loved it too, he helped himself to two plates of Singapore Chilli Crab like it was his last meal on earth. When I told them it was my shout for their joint 60th, they both went ham on the duck.”

“Anyway have you ever had a mango pancake mate, I don’t care what they cost they’re worth every cent.”


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