A local man is struggling to enjoy a delicious ancient grain and pomegranate salad today as he ponders whether he might be bankrolling a pretty sketchy cult.

Enjoying a weekend away in the Byron hinterland, South Brisbane man Ryan Cromer has been lapping up the peace and tranquillity of the Northern Rivers of NSW.

After spending the morning doing a bush walk to Minyon Falls, Ryan and his partner Maddie took on the recommendations of Google maps and stopped in at Solar Temple Collective, an organic cafe boasting a 4.5 star review and menu filled with farm fresh salad bowls.

Settling into the ambience of the tree-top cafe, Ryan found himself quickly falling under the spell of the quirky environment, the bric-a-brac dining tables and chairs, the collection of Pete Evans cook books and the aroma diffuser spurting out wafts of eucalyptus and ginger scented air.

But after being tended to by three different waitstaff, all of which sported the same jet black tangled hair and sunken facial features, it didn’t take long before Ryan realised the entire cafe was run by the same family, who looked like they hadn’t had much diversity injected into their gene pool for the past few generations.

“Say what you want about these cults but they sure know how to grow a carrot, these ones are as bright as a traffic light,” Ryan whispered to his partner, “You reckon this is safe to eat?”

Looking around at the rest of the locals that had wandered in, Ryan came to the conclusion that whilst the cafe probably had a direct link to some etch family history, paying up and jetting out was the safest way to avoid becoming a missing person in a future crime podcast.

“Yeah I might get one of those brownies after this, I feel like if we spend $30 each on lunch they’ll let us leave without taking our names and numbers to join some bible reading club next week.”

More to come.


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