In the alternative realm of Betoota’s local creative agency, a recurring spectacle has captured the imagination of its employees.

People at the workplace are preparing for a hole in the roof, after a co-worker’s MacBook begun to sound like it was going to take off upon opening an Adobe File.

The ageing laptop, a company-owned relic that the IT department of Betoota’s frugal marketing agency insist is ‘stillgood’, hums like one of Elon’s SpaceX rockets every time its operator has more than one tab open.

Last Tuesday, in his rush to open Photoshop, Gary’s MacBook Air fired up it’s central processing unit for yet another departure into outer space.

The loading wheel morphed into a countdown, as Gary held his breath for his Adobe’s premiere.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for this agency,” joked the agency’s founder as other co-workers inserted airpods in disgust.

One day they’ll replace it, thought Gary to himself, almost wishing the thing just explode in front of him….


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