Research teams at the CSIRO are finalising a report that could provide strong evidence of cannabis being positively used to increase imaginative ability and outside of the box thinking.

The five-year research piece has already generated a lot of attention after providing a study group of 90 regular cannabis smokers with money just for punching a couple of cones.

One finding that has already been released to the public is how the definition of a snack automatically becomes much broader after ingesting a fifth cone.

“After cone number five we see the most amazing thing happen,” stated head of research Rajit Dhawan PhD.

“They look around their kitchen, a new world of snacks has opened up to them. Things that never seemed like food before now have them salivating with anticipation. The spring cleaning of the pantry begins.”

Dhawan provided several examples where test subjects displayed culinary ingenuity after ingesting a fifth cone. 

“After a fifth cone of cannabis one subject added milk to a near-empty tin of dry yeast thinking it was Milo. Some of them even ate fruit.”

“They also cut down on cleaning time by eating everything straight from the packaging. Tuna, peanut butter, dry cereal, they eat it all straight from the vessel hence saving time for more cones later.”

“And Banana, Hollandaise and ham apparently.”

One section of the study also outlined how regular cannabis use could influence imagination before even the first cone.

“We saw many ordinary pieces of household waste become bongs. Not just Orchy bottles but milk bottles, coffee jars, salad dressing tubes, Pringle tins and even once an empty ironing aid spray bottle was fashioned into a very ergonomic waterpipe.”


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