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A local mum has broken a world record yesterday evening after asking her daughter if she’s cold for the eighth time in 40 seconds – the time it’s taken the pair to walk from their front door to their car.

Beth Burton (59) and her daughter, Bridget (24), were heading into Betoota for dinner when the record-breaking incident took place.

While it might sound like Beth is being considerate, anyone with a mother would know that the ‘won’t you be cold?’ question is more like death by a thousand cuts.

The previous record-holder, a mother of nine from Sweden, only managed to ask her daughter 4 times in 40 seconds – so Beth has absolutely smashed the record out of the park.

The Advocate caught up with Beth and Bridget to see how they were feeling about the news.

“I’m delighted” said Beth.

“But I can’t understand why it’s a record, surely every mother incessantly asks their child if they’re cold until they concede and get a jumper?”

Bridget, on the other hand, was less delighted in her mother’s award.

“It’s just encouraging her, she doesn’t need it”

“Mum, I’m not cold, we’re in Betoota and it’s 29 degrees”

“Yes, I know dear, but they might have the air conditioning on high at the restaurant, you never know”

At this point Bridget left the interview, unable to bear the hypothetical temperature change proposed by her mother.

It’s not yet known if she was going to get a jumper or was just fed up.

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