A local tradesman has today brought the house down.

Despite spending the last few weeks laying the foundations for some soulless project home on the edge of Betoota Plains, Greg Pearson has now brought it all crumbling down.

The cause for collapse is believed to be laughter related, after the worksite joker turned up with his Kris Kringle gift.

Given one of the sparkies as his Kris Kringle, Greg has seemingly gone all out.

Obvious to the eye, it appears as though the man behind the slabs has purchased a rather large sex toy for his colleague on a few recent projects.

While the sparky is happily married to the wife of his three kids, it’s believed Greg was still of the opinon that he needed a very large penis sized dildo.

“Don’t use it all at once,” laughed Greg before bursting into laughter with a couple of the other boys on site.

“I’m sure you’ll find away to attach it the end of your drill, but take it easy mate,” he said after finally managing to control his laughter, before subsequently losing it again.

After protracted bouts of laughter on site, Greg finally handed over the ‘sparkies new seat’ to unwrap.

More to come.


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