Betoota nanas and people watchers got an eyeful of demonic cherrubby goodness today as a local little chubba bubba looked out from their pram and surveyed the world around them like a gluttonous ancient warlord.

The first prams were invented in 1733 as a way to transport a baby while also giving you right of way in any place that’s a bit crowded.

For nearly 300 years, babies have observed the outside world on wheels, enjoying the luxurious sensation of being chauffeured around like a golden era star of the screen.

However, not all babies soak in the glitz and glamour of treating a pram like their own private limo. 

Babies such as certified chubby bubby Belle Deburg (1) of Betoota Heights look out from their pram with malevolent contempt, seeing the adults of her kind as foes she has not yet slain and the world as land she has yet to conquer.

“Oooh, she’s been here before,” stated one old lady, after pinching one of Deburgs squeezable little cheeks, completely unaware the baby’s deep gaze contained the remnants of a bloody battle where the two had met in their past lives.

“What an old soul!”

At the time of writing it is hard to say what young Deburg thinks of the attention she has received from this older member of our community, but judging by the look on her doughy and devious face she is deciding whether she will make good meat for the dogs or if her body will serve as a warning to the others.


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