In some breaking news from the leaders of the military money making world, the United States have confirmed they are starting to get that little tingle again.

In an exclusive interview with the Betoota Advocate, US President Joe Biden has confided that he’s really getting a sting on right now.

“God, look at what’s going on over in the Middle East,” breathed Biden heavily, biting his lower lip and squeezing his thumbs into the palm of his hand.

“Would love to be down there sending a few drone strikes into some civil institutions,” he sighed.

Biden’s comments come as the Palestinian situation continues to worsen, with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu making good on his promise to ‘re-shape the Middle East,’ – as if his country hasn’t been doing that for the last 7 decades already.

With no ceasefire in sight, the Palestinian death toll has already surpassed 5,000.

Nearly 1500 Israelis have also died as a result of the conflict.

While the shocking loss of life has devastated the region and the globe, it’s believed weapons manufacturers are licking their lips with glee at the latest flare up.

With the values of Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman swelling tens of billions of dollars in value since the war in Ukraine, the latest armed conflict in the Middle East looks set to keep the good times rolling for the military industrial complex.

While the US had already given 3.3 billion dollars worth of arms to Israel in 2021, the current conflict is predicted to see a huge boost in weapons put on ships and sent over the conflict zone.

The war will likely also see a massive spike in the 877 billion the US spends on its defence budget – which has absolutely nothing to do with the intertwined nature of politics and the defence industry.

“It’s been a too long since we had some boots on the ground though,” explained President Biden, a leader of nation that lives to send poor young men to the other side of the world.

“Really getting that urge to see some manufactured photos of US troops playing with kids who’ve just lost their parents in a war torn town that has no running water and fuck all buildings left standing.”

“God Bless America.”

“It’s time.”

More to come.


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