In exciting news for smoothie fans, national juice retailer Boost Juice has today announced a new range of refreshments inspired by the craft beer market.

Dubbed the “Crafty Collection”, it’s understood fans of fruity beers will soon be able to get a juicy non-alcoholic fix at regional Stockland and metropolitan Westfield shopping centres across the nation.

The range includes three new juices including the ‘All Berry IPA’, the ‘NEIPA Krusher’ and ‘Mango XPA’, a mango and passionfruit smoothie with hints of citrus, served in a biodegradable cup made from dehydrated grapefruit skin.

Speaking to press in front of the Boost bar at Betoota Heights Homemaker centre, Head of Marketing, Holly Harris said the new range of smoothies, slushies and crushies have been inspired by the skyrocketing popularity of beers that taste like three day old fruit salad.

“Half our corporate team have ditched lagers and draughts lately and all summer were sipping tropical fruity sours instead,” Holly told the press pack, whilst wearing a funky bandana around her head like a inner-city labradoodle fresh from the dog trimmers.

“So we thought we would do a reverse craft beer play, and engineer some smoothies to suit the nation’s new pale ale palette.”

Asked if Boost Juice had plans to acquire a liquor licence and begin to offer shots of vodka or gin in their juices, Holly said the company was firmly focused on remaining family friendly and had no plans to pivot into the cocktail market.

“No we’re just sticking to juices for now, we’re in the smoothie business, not the beer business.”

“If people want to drink beer they’d just go to their local right, isn’t that what pubs are for?!”


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