Australian comedian turned serious actor, Aaron Gocs will lead an extraordinary ensemble cast for Channel 10’s contemporary re-imagining of Australian literary and film classic, Candy.

Gocs, who came to fame in 2015 through the combination of a viral comedy career and several sold-out stand up tours, has today confirmed in an interview with The Age that he will playing the iconic role of ‘Dan’ – made famous by the late Oscar-winning Perth actor Heath Ledger in 2006.

The mini-series, which joins a long list of classic Australian film remakes, including Romper Stomper, Chopper and Wake In Fright – is yet another testament to the renaissance of Australian film – which has seen hundreds of iconic roles butchered by people who will never compete with Crowe, Ledger or Bana.

Director, Noah Deers, says he can’t wait to see an entirely new generation give him credit for remaking an already perfectly fine Australian film.

“We had the idea. It’s worked before, why not do it again?”

“We just needed someone who’s popular with the kids. That’s where Gocsy comes in”‘

Abbie Cornish is set to return as the beautiful Candy, who gravitates to Gocs’ character’s bohemian lifestyle and his love of heroin. Hooked as much on one another as they are on the drug, their relationship alternates between states of oblivion, self-destruction, and despair. David Wenham is to play the role of academic drug dealer, Casper while House Husbands’ Gary Sweet will play the role of Candy’s dad.

Gocs says he’s “really exciting to test his range” after a whirlwind 18 months dominating the Australian comedy scene.

“I like to view myself as an artist, so I guess I’m up to the job”

“These producers just hit me up for some guaranteed viewers – I don’t think they back themselves at all. In fact, I think my entire fan base are going to be quite confused by the whole thing”

“What the fuck is going on?

The stellar ensemble gathered last week for a table reading of the Luke Davies script, which is based on his experiences as a heroin addict in the 1980s.


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