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Returning to work this Monday at her boutique public relations firm, a local 24-year-old has taken to Instagram this morning to reveal that she wants to be taken back to Europe.

Sarah Coleman spent upwards of three weeks basking in the European sunshine earlier this month and now after returning back to her old life in Betoota’s dreary French Quarter, she ready to take another holiday.

“Ergh, just take me back already,” she captioned.

“Doing Rome with these two and this one was just the best! Not ready to go back to work!”

“Ahh knock knock! Who’s there? I’m a person! I’m a person who? I’m a person who needs to go back to Europe! Seriously though! Work sucks!”

Ms Coleman came to the conclusion that she wasn’t ready to return to the workforce this morning during her commute to work on the D45 bus from Betoota Ponds.

As the red, black and white Mercedes omnibus snaked its way down the range towards her French Quarter office, it suddenly dawned on Sarah that she’d used up all her holiday time and paid leave – meaning should she need another holiday, a resignation would be the only way.

“I don’t think I can make it to Christmas without another opportunity to recharge,” she said.

“Like seriously, though. Modern life is just too fast for this young lady,”

“I’m thinking a white Christmas in New York is still on the cards this year.”

More to come.



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