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“You mean to say they get the power from the sun?” he said.

The Member for Kennedy asked his media advisor to quickly pull over after passing the Windorah Solar Farm earlier today so he could take a closer look.

“Pull over,” said Katter, tapping the driver on the shoulder.

After saying nothing for twenty minutes, Bob Katter turned to his staffers and our reporter travelling with his team and revealed he was in awe of such technology.

“I need to take a closer look at this thing,”

“Have you ever seen such a thing? Technology is a wonderful thing. They harvest the sun’s rays and turn it into electricity, that’s my understanding of this machine. I have only read about them but I’ve seen them in my dreams. Now, I’m so close to one I can almost touch it.”

Nearly an hour passed before Mr Katter was ready to leave the site but not before he disappeared into the mulga to gather stones and other assorted objects one can expect to find on the side of a road in the Queensland outback.

“Feel how heavy this rock is,” he said to our reporter.

“It’s heavy because of all the ore in it. It feels heavier than it should, doesn’t it? Because all the ore makes it denser. Dense rocks are heavier than rocks that aren’t as dense, do you follow me, son?”

Mr Katter then reminded his staff that if they didn’t get a move on, they’d be late getting into Betoota in time for the Cloncurry-native to host the annual Midwinter Betoota Press Club dinner.

More to come.





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