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The defacto leader of Victoria has put the short-term accomodation industry in check this week by introducing a devastating levy that should see the end of the housing crisis in that state.

Speaking to media yesterday in Melbourne, Chairman Dan Andrews said the levy on places listed on platforms such as Airbnb and whatever the hell else their is will mean landlords are incentivised to put their property back on the long-term rental market which should ease housing pressures.

However, Chairman Andrews did admit that landlords would be free to pass on the 7.5% levy to the consumer.

“We hope that they don’t do that, that would be bad,” he said.

“Landlords should just keep their listings at the same price. Passing the 7.5% levy onto people who are, you know, just wanting an apartment to make their stay more comfortable, like if they had some young children or something, often an Airbnb is better because it has all the shit you need like cups and plates and microwaves, et cetera,”

“And you know, you can’t really have a Bucks Party in a hotel room anymore, like it’s good to get a few blokes together and head out to Sorrento or something, get a nice big house. Get up to no good, that type of thing. Get up to the type of stuff that would make Ben Cousins’ toes curl up like a stomped on bag of Chicken Twisties [laughs] Yeah, whooo, yeah.”

When asked if he considered legislating that the levy couldn’t be passed on, Chairman Andrews laughed.

“Brother, half the government has an Airbnb going. Why the hell would we do something like that?”

More to come.


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