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In some random internet news, a perplexing discovery has gone viral on Tik Tok as the world’s women have uncovered that the bloke’s in their lives apparently think about the Roman Empire quite a lot.

Even more popular than the time women found out the best way to insult a bloke was to say ‘he couldn’t swim’, these trending videos show people asking their boyfriends, husbands, brothers or friends, if they thought about the Roman Empire often, and if so, at what frequency – with answers ranging from ‘at least once a week’ to daily, and with at least one bloke stating incredulously, ‘how could I NOT think about the Roman Empire?

This trend is alleged to have started all the way back in September 2022, when a Swedish influencer shared a screenshot of texts asking her partner how often he thought of the Roman Empire, with amusing results, and encouraged her followers to do the same.

It has since caught on in English speaking countries and cultivated a whopping 1.2 billion views on Tik Tok, leaving many people confused how such a niche topic is such a common thought, and whether blokes just feel pressured to say they regularly find themselves lost in thought pondering about the innovations of the ancient civilisation.

The Advocate has taken to the streets of Betoota to see if the town’s fellas are into the Roman Empire, what they think the civilisations greatest achievements were, and their thoughts on the empire being sacked and destroyed by vandals and Goths.

“Yeah I reckon I think about the Roman Empire a couple of times a week”, says The Advocate’s editor, Clancy Overall, stroking his beard in thought.

“Usually when I’m on the shitter.”

Another Betoota Ponds bloke, a rather timid looking civil engineer named Nathan Fielding [28], agrees that he also finds himself daydreaming about Ancient Rome.

“Oh…Goths you say?”

“Well then yeah, I guess you could say I think about the Roman Empire quite a lot.”

“I personally would be fine getting destroyed by Goths.”

“Wouldn’t anyone?”

More to come.


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