For 23 year old Hailey Gibbs, today has a been one tenacious struggle with a singular piece of meat lodged between two of her teeth.

After an early lunch this morning it appears a seemingly inconsequential left over meal containing some roast pork, left Gibbs locked in a war of attrition lasting hours.

“Jesus Christ. It was actually impossible to get out,” the young wedding planner explained.

“It just got stuck in between two of my teeth a few back from the front, I honestly spent hours trying to displace it. I couldn’t find a tooth pick anywhere, and could leave the office to find something.”

“Trying to get rid of it took up my whole afternoon, I did zero at work.”

Colleague Sandy Collins said that during one attempted conversation mid-afternoon, with Gibbs, she couldn’t engage her in any way shape or form, as “She was sitting there, moving her tongue around inside her mouth, and nodding “mmmmm, yeahhhhh” to almost everything I said. It was pretty off putting.”

Gibbs says she has been in the situation before, and it is “probably the most frustrating thing that ever fucking happens to me.”

“My tongue is literally numb. I spent the whole afternoon trying to jam the bloody thing between a 3 millimetre gap in my teeth. It’s ruined my day.”

However, “When I finally got it. I can’t even explain the emotion, the relief, it was honestly better than sex.”


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