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The legal team at Channel Ten confirmed that they were on edge as they waited for the moment many at home knew was coming.

From the outset, everyone has been fairly aware that the Vineyard Manager from the Gippsland Region was never going to win.

However, no one on set, let alone Sophie was willing to tell Jarrod, allowing his obsession with the celebrity to grow stronger every day.

As a result an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) was prepared by the companies legal eagles to ensure that the Grade 1 creeper and potential psychopath would be unable to stand within 10 metres of Sophie after his rejection.

“We’ve got to be prepared for these things” said a spokesperson from Channel Ten.

“We have cut a lock of Sophie’s hair and taken a pair of her pants to ensure that if something happens and a situation ensues we can negotiate with him.”

“I mean, it’s quite clear some of these blokes have been shaving the carrot to Soph since her Bardot days. There’s every chance that could get a little obsessive”

Monk spoke frankly with the Advocate today about her decision to keep him on the show.

“Holy moses hey. I should have kicked him off on the first day. But he became infatuated, and I got too scared to kick him out,” she said.

We contacted Jarrod for comment in regards to the his behaviour over the course of the program, but were informed that he has been roaming his vineyard like a wild animal, lashing out at anyone that comes near him.


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