28 October 2016. 11:25


Southern Cross Austereo’s new CEO Grant Blackley says his Sydney hot hits station can only improve from the record 2DayFM ratings slump.

The once home of ratings-magnets, Kyle & Jackie-O, sits at an underwhelming 2.7 per cent share, down 0.6 points from the previous survey.

“It’s really just Rove. He’s gotta go. We need someone with a bit of presence, but just enough street to keep the westies happy” says the CEO.

“I mean, these ratings surveys are about as inaccurate as you can get, but when you are sitting at the bottom of them, something needs to change,”

Industry insiders are today saying that 2DayFM’s breakfast show with Rove McManus and Sam Frost is at an end. Mainly due to the former TV host’s inability to penetrate radio audiences.

“No one is listening to radio anymore. But if we are going to pretend they are, we aren’t going to do it with Rove McManus on the airwaves,” said one anonymous senior account directors project consultant, who shares a desk in the Austereo bullpen.

“I’m trying to sell breakfast slots to tyre stores in Parramatta. How well do you think I’m going… With a former Bachelor contestant and the poor man’s Eddie McGuire?”

In a bold move by the struggling network, Austereo Executives have decided to replace Rove McManus with Western Suburbs icon and ARIA-topping Australian rap artist, MC Kerser.

BELOW: The rumoured replacement for Rove McManus on 2Day Fm's Breakfast Show

The discontinuation of the low-rating, but expensive, duo — with McManus’s contract rumoured to pay $3.7 million per year (although Frost was signed for the much lower fee of $250,000) — will pave the way for a revamped line-up in the hope that a fresh schedule can claw back ratings for the embattled radio network.

“It’s a no-brainer,” says SCA content director Dino Sawyer.

“Kerser is actually relevant to our audiences. He’s got a bit of swag and he’s realistically our best hope at taking down King Kyle.”

“Rove’s not as cute as he used to be. That whole ‘say hi to your mum for me’ stuff doesn’t cut it anymore,”

“We are going to replace him with the Kers’. That way we might be able to put Sam on a decent wage and give our 45 unpaid interns a bit of a hamper at Christmas,”

MC Kerser hasn’t confirmed whether or not he will accept the rumour $2 million per year offer to host breakfast with Sam Frost, but has told one journalist from The Betoota Advocate to ‘stop calling me on private cunt’.




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