Some men of ‘that age’ buy a sports car, some buy a drumkit. Some land themselves a new job, or wife. Others get a non-specific tribal tattoo.

However, one West Betoota dad has decided to seriously underplay his mid-life crisis, which in turn makes it all the more obvious. A New York Yankees flat brim hat, complete with the metallic New Era sticker attached to the top of the brim,

Joshua Ross (52) arrived at his son’s cricket match this afternoon wearing the streetwear accessory as though it was no big deal.

Tim (29) a volunteer coach of the schoolboy side, witnessed the scenes.

“He just waltzed over to the other parents like it was completely normal for him to be dressed like a Bra Boy”

“I think he even greeted them with ‘sup’ – again, like it was normal for him to be acting so youthful,”

Joshua’s son, Alex (17) has also noticed a cringeworthy change in his dad’s behaviour, as the middle-aged bank manager experiences a transition of identity and self-confidence, as is common when individuals discovered they are no longer a part of Triple J’s target demographic.

“His Spotify playlist is very painful,” says Alex.

“It’s all rap music from a few years ago. I heard him refer to Kanye West as ‘Yeezy’ the other day,”

“Not to mention his newfound love of ‘spicy food’ – he’s buying all these weird hot sauces like he’s some sort of connoisseur,”

With his son playing a blinder as the opening batsman, Mr Ross can be heard yelling outdated youth phrases from the boundary.

“Boooyah!” he yells.



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