Katie, a mild mannered local PR account director is actually an absolute sex pest when it comes to the deep dark archives of her girls-only group chat, it has been confirmed.

While not often revealing too much about her degenerate Whatsapp alias, recent findings show that Katie and her friends are extremely vulgar, sexually charged voyeurists.

Her boyfriend Karl, was given a quick sample of her perverted mind when she accidentally left her Whatsapp screen open on her laptop while going to the bathroom.

What he saw next made him fear for his own safety.

“The way she talks about men… The way she talks about me…” he says distraughtly.

“It’s just so derogatory”

“Her childhood best friend, Anna was asking all kinds of questions about my manhood. Surely Katie can’t give that kind of information away to here friends? I don’t know the rules, I only know what’s expected of me”

“Katie was talking about my dad… In ways I will never be able to reconcile with”

“It was so fast paced and sexually charged. She kept missing full words”

When approached for comment, Katie just giggled and says “its not for the fainthearted”



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