A recent report by Instagram has found the 95% of all looped videos created by their splinter-app, Boomerang, are actually just of young women drinking wine or cocktails.

The study, which was created to better identify behaviour patterns, has found in almost all cases the 5 second loop shows a half-hearted ‘cheers’ between the girls.

The findings also show that of the 95% – at least half show all women pouting.

Instagram researcher Matt Muckerberg says that it isn’t of any surprise that there is always one girl that looks way better than the others do.

“It’s the girl who uploads it that looks the best. It usually takes a couple goes… At least until she is happy”

“Unfortunately we don’t have immediate access to the videos that get deleted – because there would be quite a few”

“If there is only two people in the video, then they both look hot, but I would love to see the amount of trial and error that goes into it”


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