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Grammy-award-winning Alaskan band Portugal. The Man has reportedly ‘had their heart ripped out’ over some developing news that Paul from Caboolture, on Queensland’s answer to the Amalfi Coast, no longer likes their music and now hates them.

The news comes after the touring Alaskan band pulled out of a gig with controversial breakfast television show, Sunrise, citing the broadcast surrounding Aboriginal adoptions and the Stolen Generation.

The segment, which aired last month, was met with widespread and unbridled criticisms from the wider Australian populace – save a few vocal pockets of discontent.

In a statement released via social media today, the band address Paul directly about his newfound loathing for the American sextet.

To Paul, from Caboolture,

We’re saddened and moved by the news that you now hate us because we chosen not to allign outselves with Sunrise. We understand that Kochie & Mel and the rest of the gang are important to you, however, they are not important to us at this time. We urge you to reconsider just how much you hate us now and to open your heart to those in your community who you haven’t previously in the past.

With peace, love and music,

Band with weird name.

The Advocate reached out to Paul via Facebook Messenger earlier this afternoon and chatted with him for close to an hour about his feelings toward the band and the wider controversy that triggered their decision to dodge the show before The Morning Show.

As close to all of what he said is not fit to print, our reporters have selected some key responses that should help the reader come to a balanced conclusion.

“They should just stay out of politics and play their fucking tracks,” wrote Paul.

“I hate it when musos [sic] start getting political. I hate it even more when they speak about against what I believe in. It just makes me so fucking angry. Everything makes me angry. Anyway, they just got one less fan by pulling out of Sunrise,”

“And I’m glad it hurt them. I’m glad they took the time to reach out to me on their ‘gram and Facey. I’m not going to respond. Fuck ’em. Fuck everybody that doesn’t believe in what I believe in. Above all, I’m just so disappointed.”

More to come.




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