After making headlines last year with her groundbreaking 600-word criticism of the less discussed problematic and toxic cultural discourses associated with The Beatles, 21-year-old Sydney-based VICE magazine content writer, Natalia Lawson has been praised once again today for his newest piece of drug-related content.

The budding VICE Journalist has had over 40,000 views on her newest video interview with an Slovenian criminal who sells a new synthetic drug that no one cares about.

Goatz Milk as it is known in the streets is random concoction of jet fuel and ketamine, which is taking the Eastern European capital of Ljubljana by storm.

Natalia somehow got a hold of Ines*  who was willing to tell her everything about his stock standard existence as a low level drug dealer, and in turn normalising a geographically specific drug culture.

While wearing a hooded jumper and a face mask, Natalia went the extra mile by pixelating Ines’ face – she also made sure to distort his broken English, so he sounds like a Southern American chopped n screwed rapper.

Despite Ines not knowing anything about how the drug is made, and not having tried the drug himself, the mini-documentary has thousands of hipsters between Brooklyn and Fitzroy talking about Goatz Milk.

The Betoota Advocate were unlucky enough to overhear one of these conversations.

“Bruh. Have you heard about this new drug, Goatz Milk” says prominent Melbourne poet, Echo Clementè.

“Sounds seriously etch bro”

“You should check out this VICE doco they did. This guy is literally telling them everything about how he sells it to drug addicts in exchange for money”


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