The unexpected and unplanned conception of Avale’igh Grant has resulted in a rush of excitement for the close friends of the regional infant’s teenage mother.

While most young mother’s spend the early stages of parenthood researching future childcare options, Avale’igh’s mother, Janeighce (17), has been exhausting herself trying to keep up with the random visits from vague high school acquaintances.

“Ohh myy Goooood” she’s so cute, say Janny’s former high school enemy, Annabelle. I can’t believe how much she looks like you”

“Oh my God! She’s smiling haha. She loves me! Pass her to me”

Janeighce’s boyfriend, apprentice boilermaker Jordyn, says while he thinks it’s positive that they can maintain a social life around young parenthood, it does worry him that Avale’igh is being treated like a new member of the social circle.

“She can’t even talk and they’ve got her an Instagram page going. She’s 3 months old”

“Someone was talking about taking her to Groove In The Moo. I had to pull the pin on that idea”

Closer to home, Janeighce’s 16-year-old sister Hayleigh says it’s quite frustrating to see all of these people that claim to be Ava’s godparent.

“Like, just go have your own kids” she says.

“They’re just in it for the Instagram photos. No one would actually be willing to help out with babysitting, or better yet, fulfil their oath to teach Ava about God”


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