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Police are seeking to question a man over a graffiti attack on a French Quarter mosque last night.  

Described by witnesses as being of ‘Christian appearance’, police are appealing to the community for more information.

Police were called to the prayer centre on Rue de Gasson about 7 pm on Saturday after members of the Betoota Islamic community discovered the damage.

Police Superintendent, Sam Stewart, says that it’s only a matter of time before the perpetrators are brought to justice.

“A full investigation is underway,” says Stewart.

“It’s often hard to break the wall of silence in those communities but we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again,”

However, local Muslim leaders played down the attack, telling The Betoota Advocate he said he had no idea who had vandalised the mosque but that it was probably just some young Liberals.

“We are not concerned about this, the damage is only superficial and came off easily with a pressure cleaner,” the mosque said in a statement.

“We invite the purpetrators of this crime to visit us for dinner.”

Police in predominately Christian towns of Quilpie, Jundah and Yaraka have been put on high alert as the suspect remains at large.

This development is the latest in a disturbing trend of crime being committed by Australian Christians in inner-Betoota.

In 2013, a 27-year-old Atheist was gravely injured after he was punched outside an Old City District nightclub by a Presbyterian man.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 85% of the nation’s gaol population identify themselves as Christian.

Various community groups are calling for tighter restrictions on Christian businesses as well as a review of immigration policy.

Chairman of the Australia For Australians Foundation, Neville Hastie says that the government needs to stop Christian immigration altogether – before we’re ‘over run’ by the love of Jesus.

“Christians are failing to assimilate where ever they end up,” says Mr Hastie.

“The Christan experiment was a failure,”

“These people are coming into communities, where they’re immediately forming their own ghettos. They’re only interested in doing business with other Christians,” says Grossemann.

“It’s time to send them back to where they came from – and I can say that without being racist because you can’t be racist against a religeon.”

South Betoota Christian bookstore owner, John Parker-Jones, says it’s hard to fit in when everybody around you judges you by how you dress and what God you pray to.

“After I arrived from Ireland in 2009, it hasn’t gotten any easier for Christians to move to Australia,” says Mr Parker-Jones.

“The police would constantly hound me like I was some sort of criminal,”

“People would spit at me in the street. They’d make fun of my relaxed-fit polo shirts and call my jeans ‘dad jeans’ – it needs to stop,”

“I want to be an Australian.”

Police are urging anybody with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or by sending information online via; which people can do so anonymously.

The public can call their local Police if they prefer.

In the case of an emergency dial triple zero 000.


  1. Seriously. Christian immigration needs to be reviewed? The country is a Christian country that might explain why a lot of people in jail are Christians. I suspect most people in Islamic country jails are…. Muslim. This article is offensive, inaccurate and manipulating statistics for skewed arguments . That is this article will cause more division in the community.

  2. Ummmm, sorry for the correction but catholics are not Christian, we are catholic. To then talk about a Presbyterian attacking an atheist, how does that relate to catholics? Truly, if you are going to report about things, get your facts straight. Also, “of Christian appearance “? So now you know a person’s religious beliefs by appearance? There is a word for your excuse of reporting, vilification, and no, it doesn’t just apply to people of ethnicity, you are contributing to the hatred that is starting to spread. I would be highly offended by being described as of Christian appearance because I am agnostic. Report the facts, not your own personal opinions.

  3. Authorities are hoping to secure the help of local -moderate Christians – in their fight against what Christian leaders are calling “unchristian” violence which follows a corrupted, perverse interpretation of the Bible.

  4. Few stats incorrect here. Firstly; the muslim population comprise less than 2.2% in NSW but the prison incarceration rate is 9%.

    The other high stat are the Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal communities, not as the article suggests, Christian.

    Graffiti occurs all the time on churches and public property alike. The perpetrator of this act wasn’t planning on cutting off muslim throats in public, stoning their women, planning suicide bombings, throwing homosexuals of bridges and blowing peoples heads off in cafes nor was he planning on killing our cartoonists and artists because they portrayed an effigy of Christ in piss! How many planned Islamic attacks have been thwarted in Australia in the last decade?

    Last year in Sydney, the leader of the Lebanese Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Islamic community in Lakemba was to give a talk titled “Can honour killings be justified” He backed down after there was public outcry but his organisation is not permitted in many other countries including Islamic Jordan.

    Don’t be deluded by the pseudo- intellectual tolerance ticket. Just take a look at the lack of development of all the other Islamic countries in the world. Women’s non rights and the jihad civil war that is going on throughout the Middle East and Africa not to mention the problems of Egypt et cetera.

    I have a heap of French friends who are very very worried about their future prospects. There are arrondissements in outer Paris where the police are unable to enter and where Sharia Law reigns. Islam has no respect for secular law as it is a theocracy

    Many of my friends are sufis (mystical Islam) None of them have read the Qu’ran, none of them have lived in an Islamic country and none of them have critical faculties to understand that there is No forgiveness in Islam and that they are free to say and worship as they like only because of Christianity.

    • Leroy Loggins, you should come down in your pig hunting ute and stay at Auburn and or Lakemba Sydney, then you’ll see how “the real world” lives!!

  5. Thanks Errol for this article but I’m worried that as a Born Again Christian I could be deported to the country in which I became Born Again.

    It happened on a train in Brazil and I don’t think they’d want me there. Not after Carnivale.

    I know the Christians here are quite unruly but please can you write something positive about them when they do something wrong?

    For a change!!!


  6. I’m a fifteenth generation Rosicrucian (originally from Glasgow (the nice side)) and I have lived in Australia all my life (since then).

    So it comes as no surprise to me that fellas are letting off a bit o steam. (We used get them caber tossing it did them the world of good)

    But I object to being lumped in with any old Christians and definitely not Catholics.

    We have the Holy Grail and the Arc of the Covenant you know?

    So could you please try to differentiate what type of Christian you are talking about. (Like I wouldn’t go anywhere near that Canadian Christian. Have you heard about them? Ohh, I won’t go into it.)

    And so I guess thanks Errol for giving me the chance to air my graces. I hope they catch that fellow. But as they say hashtag differentiate.



  7. I am very worried about all the thoughts so many of the people have expressed.I would have that reactions would not have been so that it would have been more Christian !!

  8. Christians have been a problem in this country for at least the past 228 years, and By Christ they are everywhere. I sent my daughters to a local school (St Mary’s) and guess what? Choca with Christians, some of them were even ‘Catholics’ (sort of Shia Christians, nice enough but idolators).
    Some Sunday mornings around where I live you can’t bloody move for all the Christians, park wherever they like, ring their annoying bells all morning, and the incense!
    I don’t mind their holidays though, Good Friday is always a good excuse for a decent piss up.

  9. Well the rot has set in, I was stopped by central Queensland police who did an identity check on me because they thought I looked like a christian. I have been an atheist since The Sisters of ‘Mercy’ beat the Jesus out of me 45 years ago and even before that I was Catholic which most protestants tell me is not really christian. I find it offensive and embarrassing that I could be mistaken for a christian. I’ll be lodging a formal complaint with the CJC.


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