11 February, 2015. 19:15


IN YET another exclusive two-on-one from The Betoota Advocate’s recent trip to Canberra, Senator Jacqui Lambie gives our journalists the run down on her relationship with Pauline Hanson.

The rogue senator was able to confirm her love for “busting bacon” – spruiking her markswomanship skills.

Although Lambie said she shares little in common with the former incarcerated xenophobe, outside of shooting feral pigs, she said she “gives credit” to Hanson for incorruptible view on what she stands for.

The Advocate enjoyed catching up with the Tasmanian, despite the obvious tension between the senator and editor Clancy Overell.

Editor-at-large Errol Parker had this to say about being caught between the two former lovebirds.

“It was very uncomfortable for me,” he said.

“Despite everything that the tabloids and gossip rags have said, I still believe what they had was real.”






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