Super cool, hip with the times’ agency ‘Froth Media’ isn’t like other agencies.

Company director Michael Brown, who prefers to go by the playful title ‘Creative Wizard’, reckons that his boutique agency is nothing like your standard run of the mill workplace.

“We believe in having fun at work,” says Michael as he ruffles one of the junior’s hair.

“We’re all mates here.”

“That was Tim, our social media superstar!”

“He plays on Facebook all day haha.”

Michael shows our reporter around his very colourful office, which is filled to the brim with inspirational quotes and printouts of early 2000’s memes.

His favourite quote, a black and white image of a basketball player with the words ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’, hangs proudly above his desk.

“We also have a ping pong table and a beer tap.”

“Oh and look at this”, says Michael excitedly as he points out a Breville coffee machine, “FREE coffee.”

“That’d cost you $4 at a cafe. Wouldn’t it Tim?”

As Michael’s employee noticeably dodges his boss’s attempts at workplace bonding, Michael gives up on the forced banter and shows our reporter another area of the office he’s decorated.

Unlike the rest of the building, the room is freezing cold and deliberately minimal, save for a small desk and chair and a box TV that appears to be playing a gruesome David Attenborough clip on repeat.

“I call this the wolves den”

“I have this playing 24/7 to remind the team that we’re WINNERS.”

“No antelopes in this office hahaha.”

More to come.


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