A clinically depressed local woman had reportedly been unable to leave her bed, after again seeing the world for what it really is.

Despite being on a heavy dose of SSRI’s, Sarah Mills [27] couldn’t seem to shake her bleak thoughts and has turned to the comfort of a doona to deal with her pain.

However, after suffering from the debilitating illness for the majority of her adult life, Sarah was miraculously cured.

“I was incredibly depressed,” says a now very peppy Sarah, doing a few jumping jacks as she waits for her morning coffee.

“Didn’t really see the point of anything.”

“Like, how love doesn’t really exist and it’s just nature’s way of getting me to continue the human race.”

“Or that no matter what milestone I achieve the feeling of emptiness will never go anyway.”

“Those sorts of things ha.”

“But then a phone call with my friend changed everything.”

Sarah had been on day four of her bed bender when she’d finally accepted a call from her well meaning friend.

Tracy Mills, a rub some dirt in it type, had helpfully assured her friend that the depression was all in her head and that she could have it a lot worse.

A dose of sunshine and a jog were all she really needed to feel better, and not those ‘bloody happy pills.’

“I immediately felt so much better,” says Sarah.

“I forgot that people had real reasons to feel sad.”

“Here’s me thinking it was some sort of chemical imbalance or that my brain was wired differently.”

“I just needed to be more positive.”


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