The Burger Wars are heating up today!

Following McDonalds announcing that it was suing Hungry Jacks for the new Big Jack, the rival fast foot company has hit back.

Hungry Jacks has revealed its new ‘JcChicken Burger,’ which it says is ‘in no way at all inspired by, or designed to ride off the back of the McChicken burgers.’

McDonalds is currently suing Hungry Jacks saying they “deliberately adopted or imitated” the “distinctive appearance or build” of the Big Mac, as well as its ingredients and the advertising tagline.

However, instead of seeking to Mc piece with their competitor, Hungry Jacks have doubled down and released a new JcChicken burger which seems incredibly close to what they are making beneath the golden arches.

“Fuck em,” said Hungry Jacks today.

‘We’ll start putting heroin in our nuggets two if they wanna keep playing.”

“Oh, and did we mention we’ve got A Quarter Of A Pound Burger coming out too.”

“Let’s dance Ronald”

More to come.


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