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What he posted can’t be repeated – but it prompted a visit from two detectives and a month-long ban from Facebook.

Around 6pm last night, two junior Queensland police detectives from a Diamantina Area Command paid a visit to Darren Goldman’s Betoota Heights Californian bungalow to speak to him about a very spicy meme he posted about the upcoming byelections.

“It wasn’t even that bad,” he said.

The 34-year-old spoke to The Advocate this morning about last night and what he plans to do now he’s been locked up in Facebook jail.

“It’ll take more than a 30-day ban to silence me. You can’t call yourself a meme maker if you haven’t been banned from Facebook. If you haven’t, you’re just a poser,”

“As for what was in the meme that got me banned, I can’t legally explain that to you right now but I’ll give you the gist. It was very explicit and made allusions to bestiality and political incest. I can understand why these Facebook normies hated it. Honestly, if half my friends saw it, it’d make their toes curl off.”

Which lead Darren to his next point, where he said that he didn’t post the meme from his personal account but from a ‘meme-de-plume’.

“That’s how I knew it was dodgy. The only was the coppers would’ve known it was me was if Facebook gave me up – which they obviously did, the dogs,”

“And to answer your other question, no, I don’t plan on stopping. If they boot me off Facebook altogether, I can go hang out with all the other narcissistic freakazoids on Twitter.”

More to come.



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