A local boxing gym, that has recently expanded their services to people who don’t actually want to fight, has today advertised classes on how to make the intimidating sounds that heavily-tattooed amateur fighters make while warming up.

The iconic Bozo’s Boxing Gym, in Di Roma street in the Flight Path District, is now offering ‘shadowboxing grunts and rope leaning classes’ for around $25 an hour on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

“The rope leaning is key to looking like an experienced fighter” says the 68-year-old trainer/coach/owner/janitor, Bozo.

“That and squirting water into your mouth while gloved up, without touching the bottle with your lips”

The classes have become a real hit with local mums and dumpy IT blokes who are every so slowly working their way up from circuit classes to the sparring.

Bozo says these kinds of skills can also help young men avoid confrontation in the street.

“We’ve all seen the bloke take off his shirt out front of the pub and start doing the ootz ootz sounds” says Bozo.

This is key to showing people that you know how to throw hands”

As a former 6-times welterweight Commonwealth games trials finalist Bozo is now also offering half-hearted MMA classes.


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