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Though there’s absolutely no way any of what he’s saying actually happened, that didn’t perturb a young drinker from plough on through his yarn as it dipped, ducked and dived between mundane reality and pure imagination.

Speaking candidly to a small group of friends last Saturday night in the designated smoking area of the Betoota Dolphins Club, Peter Coolie spoke of the time he found himself staring down the barrel of a long stretch in an Indonesia prison – only to be saved at the last minute.

“My uncle was in the SAS for like twenty years and now he’s a kidnap and ransom specialist. That movie with Russel Crowe and Meg Ryan was actually based on him,” he said.

Both Dylan Harrison and Dale Peckham both looked at each other and smiled. As they stood opposite Peter, they relished in being witness to yet another Peter yarn.

“So anyway, I got framed for murder by these triads and then we basically had to bribe and then threaten the chief of police on this small island, one that’s not even on Google Maps. I can’t remember the name, something like Lobok or something? I dunno,”

“Anyway, my uncle chartered a Hercules from the RAAF in Darwin, he knew an ex-SAS guy who now flies C-130s out of the Top End. Anyway, they were about to parachute down to break me out but my Mum’s cousin, Alexander Downer, called his old friends in the service who got me out.”

Dylan laughed while Dale took another swig from his Heineken.

Looking chuffed, Peter also joined in the laughing, under the impression that they both believed the story.

“Nice, bro,” said Dale.

“I’m banned from going to the US because of my history of violent crime, could your Mum’s cousin Alexander Downer help me get a visa?”

Peter stopped laughing.

“I mean, I could try. I’ll ask him for you.”

Dale looked over at Dylan again, seconds before the pair exploded into laughter.

More to come.



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