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A self-indulgent 28-year-old advertising account manager has lashed out at every form of government this afternoon from a South Bondi cafe, saying that they’re not doing enough to make houses affordable for people like him.

Harrison Fargo, whose parents weren’t ever handed anything and had to work for everything in their lives, made the outrageous claims after splurging on a $1400 hooded jumper from the Supreme x Louis Verton [sic] Pop-Up Shop in Sydney’s cosmopolitan South West Bondi Rocks district – something that has triggered the ire of older generations.

“Ah I don’t really care about Baby Boomers and what they had to go through,” he said.

“I think they should all die. They didn’t have Supreme back in 1950, they didn’t even have keyless entry. Property was like fifty grand back in those days, that’s like two-and-a-half trips to Europe or America,”

“So it’s not fair for them to comment on my lifestyle, so they can fuck off. This is the cost of living in Sydney.”

However, Harrison’s father Graham said that he’s embarrassed about how entitled his son feels and that he often thinks he’s failed as a parent because of how the hedonistic Sagittarius goes about living.

The semi-retired 66-year-old train conductor said that Harrison was raised to know better than this.

“Why does a young man need to spend half a month’s wage on a jumper when it is not even that cold,” he said.

“It escapes me. Back in my day, we would do this type of thing differently, we saved and we sacrificed and..”

Our reporter’s recorder then went flat but you probably know what Graham was going to say anyway.

More not coming.


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