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A local white ant, who build a career on white-anting people, is now being white anted over his repeated white-anting of other white ants he works with.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is being white-anted by his colleagues this week in the lead up to the Federal Election, which will be called today to blow the recent stories about him in the newspapers out of the water.

In particular, stories from Scott Morrison’s 2007 preselection battle in Sydney’s utopian Sutherland Shire, where he allegedly used racist language and crude remarks about another man, Michael Towke, running for the same seat.

Morrison is alleged to have made remarks about Mr Towke’s Lebanese faith while also spreading rumours about him being a Muslim.

Mr Towke has a Marionite background.

After allegedly white-anting Mr Towke in 2007, which came after allegedly white-anting his Minister while working at Tourism Australia, Morrison made quick progress within the Liberal Party by allegedly white-anting the white ants above him.

Now that he no longer has that many people left to white ant, Morrison is now being white-anted himself, which is something he told this masthead is “disgraceful” and “UnAustralian”.

“I cannot believe this,” he said.

“On the eve of ANZAC Day, the holiest day in the Australian Calander. Certainly not the holiest day in my calendar, which is Christmas. But uh, yeah there’s someone in my party who’s leaking all this shit, which is not on,”

“White-anting a Prime Minister is disgraceful. Sure, you can white ant someone for a lesser office, like Defence Minister, but for the top job, I think it’s just disgraceful and UnAustralia. All of these erroneous [sic] stories about me in the news being a racist and anti-Lebanese. They didn’t happen. I’m being white-anted. By other white ants in my party.”

Just who is white-anting the Prime Minister is yet to become clear, however, there are a few obvious names who stand to benefit in his political demise.

One party strategist, who spoke to The Advocate anonymously, said that the tactic the party has chosen for this election has become clear.

“They’re nuking him,” they said.

“So if or when the election is lost, they can distance themselves from Scott and blame the whole thing on him. That’s what will become clear to everyone this week.”

More to come.


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