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Residents of Betoota Heights have had to grin and bear the noise levels this week as neighbourhood drummer Henry Paulo (30) has been going absolutely full Whiplash in honour of late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

Drummer of the Foo Fighters since 1997, Hawkins was known for high energy beats on tracks like Rope, Stacked Actors and Everlong, the latter of which is renowned for usually being the only fun part of a conservative Christian wedding reception.

Appointed a drummer by Dave Grohl, himself another iconic rock ‘n roll drummer, Hawkins was very much considered a drummer’s drummer, inspiring millions of boys and girls to pick up the sticks and absolutely give ‘em some.

Following the news of his passing earlier this week, drummers such as Paulo have been going non-stop-shred on their drum kits, sending up effervescent splashes of tears that currently coat snare drums across the world.

“I’m on my third floor tom skin this week,” stated Paulo, a spare drumstick stuck behind either ear like a pair of massive darts.

“Neighbours don’t seem to mind. I think they get it.”

The term Full Whiplash refers to the 2014 drama featuring Miles Teller as a young man who drums his hands bloody under the influence of his sadistic, perfectionist conductor played by JK Simmons.

Although Paulo has drummed his hands bloody, his teacher is not an Academy Award winning psychopath but the fun shaped hole left by a rhythmic legend who really knew how to shake a pair of sticks like he meant it.


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